Water Resource Management
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Water Resource Management

Water resource management requires allocation, organisation and distribution of water resources for optimum utilisation. For effective water resource management, all the water regulations and policies need to be followed. Evidently, in the current era, water management is faced with many challenges, such as climate change or the negative impacts of human activity. Hence, the requisite knowledge of water resource management is a need of the hour. After completing this certified course, the aspirant will be able to identify and resolve the problems for effective water resource management. This course will teach you how to conduct a thorough analysis of different techniques of water resource management for completing a related project or job responsibility.

  • Effective communication skills
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Time management in respect to multiple tasks
  • Decision-making skills
  • Active learning and personnel management

A career in water resource management offers a great interest, astounding opportunities for peer recognition, large challenges, and huge personal satisfaction to young professionals. The demand for a water resource manager will exponentially increase because the negative impacts of population growth and global climatic change create a concern for global leaders. Also, this professional discipline will witness a further demand due to the global requirement of fresh-water supply. Depending on the requirement, jobs related to water resource management requires assessment, development, utilisation, and protection of water resources.

Can I just enroll in a single course?

No, you can get yourself enrolled in multiple courses at one time.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer any refund once your registration is completed.

What background knowledge is necessary?

We have certain prerequisites for each course that one should possess to get enrolled for the specific course.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

Not necessarily, we offer flexible learning.

Water Resource Management

The importance of finding ways to optimise water resources is increasing day by day, be it in domestic or international territory. Indeed, the job to improve and manage the availability and quality of water resources is highly rewarding. Water resources planning and management professionals contribute heavily to making a better world. Hence, becoming one such professional demands complete knowledge of the following curriculum.

01 Hydrologic Processes and Modeling
02 Optimization Techniques in Water Resources
03 Groundwater Hydrology
04 Stochastic Hydrology
05 Advanced Hydraulics
06 Finite Element in Water Resources
07 Simulation Laboratory-l
08 Simulation Laboratory-ll
09 Soft Computing Techniques in Water Resources
10 Environmental Dynamics and Management
11 Economic Aspects of Water Resources Development
12 Groundwater Flow and Pollution Modeling
13 Surface Water Quality Modeling and Control
14 Hydroelectric Engineering
15 Water Resources Systems
16 Urban Water Infrastructure
17 Eco-hydraulics and Hydrology
18 Advanced Hydrologic Land Surface Processes
19 Mechanics of Sediment Transport
20 Geographic Information Systems
21 Hydrologic Applications of Remote Sensing

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    Unlike most of the certification courses, Masters Week uses factual circumstances to train us. In a profession like engineering, it becomes indeed important to learn to know about things comprehensively. Thanks to Masters Week for the first-hand experience.

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    I opted for Water resource engineering, and thanks to my mentor to guide me with effective water resource management solutions.

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