Transportation Engineering
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Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering - a branch of civil engineering - deals with designing, planning, operation, maintenance, and safety of transportation systems, including railways, roadways, airways, and waterways. Hence, a transportation engineer is responsible for applying technological and scientific principles for the management of transportation infrastructure. For instance, a transportation engineer can be responsible for sizing of transportation facilities (such as how many streets or what is the capacity of the transport facility) or determining the thickness and materials used in designing (such as horizontal and vertical alignment of the roadway or track). With our certified course in transportation engineering, students will learn to plan and execute various transportation systems.

Job Titles
  • Transportation Executive
  • Transport Manager
  • Civil Engineer
  • Transportation Technician
  • Transportation Engineering Professor
  • Highway engineers
  • Bridge engineers

A transportation engineer has a plethora of career opportunities as they have the option to work with construction companies, transportation companies, and much more. In terms of career advancement prospects, a transportation engineer can work in top managerial positions after gaining significant experience. The diversity of transport engineering profiles gives professionals an advantage to achieve their dream roles. A perfect combination of knowledge and analytical thinking plays a key role in driving success in this field.

Can I just enroll in a single course?

No, you can get yourself enrolled in multiple courses at one time.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer any refund once your registration is completed.

What background knowledge is necessary?

We have certain prerequisites for each course that one should possess to get enrolled for the specific course.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

Not necessarily, we offer flexible learning.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation systems and their classification; Role of transportation with respect to socio-economic conditions; Transportation planning process; Road user and the vehicle; Geometric design of roads: horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, cross-section elements; Relevant geometric design standards; Pavements: flexible and rigid; Characterization of pavement materials; Analysis and design of pavement systems; Pavement design specifications; Pavement construction process; Pavement performance; Traffic engineering: Traffic characteristics; Fundamental relationships; Theories of traffic flow; Intersection design; Design of traffic signs and signals; Highway capacity.

01 Pavement Materials and Design of Pavements
02 Urban and Regional Transportation Planning
03 Traffic Engineering
04 Advanced Topics in Transportation Engineering
05 Analytical & Numerical Methods in Structural Engineering
06 Envi 06 Environmental Statistics and Experimental Design
07 Probability and Statistics
08 Optimization Techniques in Water Resources
09 Airport Planning and Design
10 Transportation Infrastructure Design
11 Modeling of Pavement Materials
12 Public Transportation Systems
13 13 Transportation Safety and Environment
14 Intelligent Transportation Systems
15 Planning and Design of Sustainable Transport Systems
16 Advanced Transportation Modelling
17 Geometric Design of Roads
18 Transportation Infrastructure Management
19 Viscoelastic Behavior of Bituminous Materials
20 20 Transportation System Management
21 Transportation Economics
22 Traffic Flow Modelling
23 Transportation Logistics
24 Special Topics in Transportation Engineering

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    The chances of certification courses being so informative and educational is rare. I am glad to have taken a chance with Masters Week. It was truly an exceptional learning experience.

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    The transport engineering certification course gave me a lot of information on important and relevant topics. The best part was the lectures being taken by industry experts. It was totally worth investing time in the course.

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