Structural Engineering
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Structural Engineering

Structural engineering — a sub-discipline of civil engineering — focuses on the framework and designing of structures. Mainly, structural engineers ensure a stable, strong, and rigid structural design. The designs created by professional structural engineers are then integrated with the architects and service engineer for constructing the building. Structural engineers are sometimes also responsible for creating the design of machinery, medical equipment and vehicles with structural integrity, rendering utmost safety. In structural engineering, the theories of physical laws are applied to different materials and geometries for creating a stable structure.

  • Structural analysis with a creative mindset
  • Supervision and managerial skills
  • Attractive storage and industrial structures
  • Pre-stress and post-stress structural management
  • Sustainable and modern structural approach

Structural engineers are required to consider an appropriate framework for strong and reliable structures. While designing a structure, they need to incorporate multiple factors, such as safety, cost-efficiency, and creativity. For becoming a professional structural engineer, one needs to specialise in the structures they draw. Needless to say, there will be a heap of career opportunities for those who keep abreast of the technological enhancements. Concisely, structural engineers can begin their career as construction designers, project managers or more in the private and public sector.

Can I just enroll in a single course?

No, you can get yourself enrolled in multiple courses at one time.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer any refund once your registration is completed.

What background knowledge is necessary?

We have certain prerequisites for each course that one should possess to get enrolled for the specific course.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

Not necessarily, we offer flexible learning.

Structural Engineering

While designing any new building, analysing pre-disaster and post-disaster impacts is a must. Hence, structural engineers play a major role in the construction industry, be it domestic or international market. However, to become an expert structural engineer, one needs to have a strong grasp of related concepts. That being said, our certified course of structural engineering helps you bridge the current and required knowledge gap with a detail-oriented curriculum.

1 Advanced Structural Analysis
2 Finite Element Methods in Structural Engineering
3 Solid Mechanics in Structural Engineering
4 Structural Dynamics
5 Theory of Concrete Structures
6 Theory of Steel Structures
7 Earthquake Analysis and Design
8 Structural Engineering Laboratory
9 Analytical and Numerical Methods for Structural Engineering
10 Blast Resistant Design of Structures
11 Concrete Mechanics
12 Design of Bridge Structure
13 Design of Fiber Reinforced Composite Structure
14 Design of Masonry Structure
15 Design of Tall Buildings
16 Prestressed and Composite Structures
17 Strengthening and Retrofitting of Structures
18 Structural Safety and Reliability
19 Theory of Plates and Shells
20 Theory of Structural Stability
21 Advanced Finite Element Method and Programming
22 Analysis and Design of Machine Foundations
23 Design of Offshore Structures
24 General Continuum Mechanics
25 Structural Health Monitoring
26 Structural Vibration Control
27 Wind Resistant Design of Structures
28 Advanced Concrete Technology
29 Fire Engineering and Design
30 Formwork of Concrete Structures
31 Durability and Repair of Concrete Structures

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    I opted for Structural engineering, and thanks to my mentor for being realistic in his approach which truly helped me be more productive in my job.

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