Control and Automation
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Control and Automation

Control and Automation engineering refers to a branch of engineering that develops and implements information and technology. It involves controlling electronic, electrical, mechanical, and computer-based industrial systems so all the work can be executed in a planned manner. Control and automation engineers are responsible for finding innovative ways to deal with uncertain issues via appropriate software and hardware. Briefly, control and automation engineering or Mechatronics is a balanced mix of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Our certified control and automation engineering course help you to build a solid ground across multiple technical and scientific areas so you can easily use the newly acquired knowledge to face day-to-day industry challenges.

Job Titles
  • Instructional Designer
  • Process Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Design Engineer
  • Research and Development Engineer

If the aspirant possesses an adequate mix of technical, scientific, and technological knowledge then they surely will be able to keep abreast of the rapid technological advancements and will secure a good-paying job. Currently, in the control and automation engineering domain, demand outstrips supply. Hence, the professionals in this field are definitely going to reap huge benefits over a long period. Additionally, all types of industries, be it automobiles, pulp, and paper, food and beverages, cement, mining, or any other company require the services of control and automation engineers for performing small, medium, and high-level duties. Therefore, individuals having strong conceptual knowledge in basic or advanced levels of control and automation engineering can easily grab their dream jobs in the field.

Can I just enroll in a single course?

No, you can get yourself enrolled in multiple courses at one time.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer any refund once your registration is completed.

What background knowledge is necessary?

We have certain prerequisites for each course that one should possess to get enrolled for the specific course.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

Not necessarily, we offer flexible learning.

Control and Automation

Automation and control is a rapidly expanding field and both Indian and international companies in this field provide immense career growth opportunities to the professionals. Typically, one can start their career in this industry by working on the validation of automation and control systems designs. But to be able to grab even the entry-level jobs in this field, one needs to have a strong grasp on certain concepts that can easily be acquired by pursuing our certified control and automation engineering course.

01 Linear Systems Theory
02 Mathematical Methods in Control
03 Nonlinear Systems
04 Optimal Control Theory
05 Stochastic Filtering and Identification
06 Cont 06 Control Systems Laboratory
07 Advanced Control Laboratory
08 Advanced Robotics
09 Numerical Optimization
10 Systems Biology
11 Selected Topics in Systems and Control
12 Design Aspects in Control
13 Signal Theo 13 Signal Theory
14 Sensors and Transducers
15 Basic Information Theory
16 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
17 Introduction to Chaotic Dynamical System
18 Intelligent Motor Controllers
19 Smart Grid Technology
20 Mechat 20 Mechatronics
21 Power System Dynamics
22 Dynamic Modelling And Control of Sustainable Energy Systems
23 Automation Manufacturing
24 Introduction to Machine Learning
25 Embedded Systems and Applications
26 Intelligent Systems
27 Neural Systems and Learning Machines
28 Computer Vision
29 Swarm Intelligence
30 Signals and Systems in Biology
31 Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization in Engineering
32 Nonlinear Control
33 Adaptive and Learning Control
34 Model Reduction in Control
35 Robust Control
36 Networked and Multi-Agent Control Systems
37 Modeling and Control of Distributed Parameter Systems
38 Stochastic Cont 38 Stochastic Control
39 Advanced Topics in Systems and Control
40 Advanced Robotics
41 Digital Control of Power Electronics and Drive Systems
42 Embedded Intelligence
43 Advanced Machine Learning
44 Computational Neuroscience
45 Cyber-Physical Systems
46 Special Module in Systems and Control

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    Unlike most of the certification courses, Masters Week uses factual circumstances to train us. In a profession like engineering, it becomes indeed important to learn to know about things comprehensively. Thanks to Masters Week for the first-hand experience.

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    The platform is great for all those who want to gain in-depth knowledge about the specific fields along with the certificates for better future opportunities.

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